18 Armenian Songs for Children!

Taline -Mer Yerqe CD
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Taline -Mer Yerqe CD
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Children will enjoy singing along and dancing to Taline's Mer Yerqe CD, a collection of 18 songs including highly popular Taline songs, four Christmas songs and several new recordings.

1.Meg Bzdik Ashkarh 2.Im Gntak 3.Ge Barenk 4.Bouy Bouy Mougige 5.B-I-N-G-O 6.Dzknik 7.Mer Yerqe 8.Gouzen Engeranal 9.Ov Em Yes 10.Andarin Mej 11.Mer Doone 12.Te Urax Enk Menk 13.Donatsare 14,Gagahnt baban Oush e Mnatser 15.Christmas Medley 16.Gaghant Baba Shoud Ari 17.Oror Im Boubrikis 18.Im Anush Hayrenik

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